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Frank Victoria author is political & suspense thrillers

Have you ever had writer’s block?
Are you overwhelmed with what you have to write?

I have experienced both multiple times.

I’m an Ernest Hemingway fan. When he was in his writing mode, he followed his sage advice ... advice all of us should heed.

It echoes in the back of my mind:

Just write one true sentence. 
Write the truest sentence you know.

To him, there are times when he was writing, he felt like he had been dropped into a chamber of pleasurable torture. The conflicts, the dilemmas, the dreaded writer’s block all spiraling within his creative mind. His fingers just wanted to write the next line. Finish the chapter. To add THE END to the last page.

It’s what I want to do as an author ... for you, my readers. As the last page is turned, an “Aha” or a smile on your face is the result.

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