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Book Discussion Questions for Frank Victoria and The Founders’ Plot

  • Why should every state be concerned about immigration?

  • In The Founders’ Plot, the California Governor defies the Supreme Court. Could that happen today?

  • How would an opposition party respond to a Governor who ignores a Supreme Court ruling that states the Governor’s immigration law was unconstitutional?

  • Will a blackmail attempt prevent the Governor from implementing his plan?

  • Could the Governor’s action lead to his recall?

  • How will sanctuary city mayors react to the Governor’s immigration law and his defiance of the Supreme Court ruling?

  • What happens when family members disagree with what the Governor is proposing?

  • There is an assassination attempt on DiGrasso. Will he survive? 

  • Could and would other states pass similar laws to what DiGrasso did?

  • The Speaker of the House has a dilemma ... what is it?

  • Is there a possibility that bribes are being offered ... and why if there are?

  • One of your main characters dies. Why did you decide to kill him?

  • Did you identify with any of the characters? Which one(s)?

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