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Download the Prologue and Chapter 1
of The Founders’ Plot
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What Happens When the Newly-Elected California Governor Mike DiGrasso Defies the Supreme Court?

Afghanistan war hero Mike DiGrasso has just been elected Governor of California by an overwhelming majority. Immediately, he sets in motion his campaign primary promise—to create a strict immigration law that would do three things:

  • Curtail illegals from entering the State. 

  • Seek out illegals who are currently living or working in the State. 

  • Return all illegals to their countries of origin.

DiGrasso saw nothing stringent about the law. Others disagreed.

Will DiGrasso’s new immigration law destroy illegal families?

Will the U.S. President take action to force DiGrasso to obey the Court?

Will Governor Mike DiGrasso survive the assassins’ bullets?

For readers of political thrillers, The Founders’ Plot is a fast moving political thriller that mirrors hot-button contemporary issues that puts a human face on what are distant abstractions for most Americans.

Founders' Plot Cover Political Thriller

Based in the Chicago area, Frank would be delighted to work virtually with Book Clubs via Zoom, libraries, bookstores, and with Podcasts.


Within the book are several Discussion Questions to begin a session ... or bring your own list.

Order from your favorite book store, or directly from Amazon.

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