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The Founders' Plot by Frank Victoria
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… Victoria’s topical thriller follows the political and personal reverberations of a tough and controversial immigration law in California … For readers on the hunt for a fictional account of a contemporary political dispute, this is a competent if not inspiring option.

Kirkus Reviews 

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Five Stars 

The Founders’ Plot will grip the hearts and minds of readers as they are swept into a tale of political maneuvering by Frank Victoria’s masterful storytelling … an intriguing and rich novel. The characters, dialogue, and plot will entertain readers, and the constant twists and surprising conclusion will keep them guessing until the end. 

Foreword Reviews – Clarion Reviews 


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This is a compelling and clear-eyed ride that ventures onto paths few Americans dare to tread. For those who do, this is an exciting, terrific reading experience. 

Robert Melnyk, Writer, Director, Producer , NBC,  CBS, ABC, PBS

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As a book editor, I’ve read hundreds of manuscripts, including a plethora of submissions when I worked for a literary agent, and The Founders’ Plot really stands out. Frank Victoria interlaces the hot-button issues of illegal integration, government intrigue, and constitutional interpretation into a highly enjoyable novel. 

Valerie Brooks, Owner/Editor , 


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Frank Victoria rips a headline from today’s newspaper and creates a page-turning thriller about the issue of immigration … Gripping. Thought provoking. Humanizing. 

Cleo Lampos, M.Ed.  author of Teachers in the Trenches

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A compelling political thriller … Frank Victoria has written that rare thing in present-day fiction, a page-turner with a clever plot that combines plenty of action with a dose of character development and just enough political history to place the action in the proper context.

Amazon reviewer

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In a story ripped from today’s headlines, the novel addresses the question of what would happen if a major political figure refused to obey an order from the U.S. Supreme Court. Exploring this question, the author supplies enough twists and turns to surprise even hardened political junkies. If you’re looking for an entertaining read, yet one you can learn from, pick this one up.

John D. Stewart, Amazon reviewer

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Topical, timely and intriguing describes Frank Victoria’s political expose (and escape). California’s Governor Michael DiGrasso is a family guy, firm in his beliefs. His campaign promise was to deal with immigration. When the Supreme Court comes down and invalidates the voters preference, DiGrasso basically says, “Screw you,” and sets out to take on the judicial system. 

Avid Amazon reviewer

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Frank Victoria weaves a clever story around the issue of Judicial Activism. I, for one, would also agree that The Supreme Court is writing law that the Congress and State Legislatures are too timid to enact.

   For the screenplay, for the movie, I would begin with one of the climax episodes as “the Hook” to entice the viewer, probably the death at the demonstration.

   Read the book before seeing the inevitable movie.

J.A.G Report

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