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Media Questions for Frank Victoria and The Founders’ Plot

Should illegal immigration be shut down? 

Is shutting down immigration a way to bring sanity to the chaos at the border many are feeling? 

Or is there another solution?

Why should every state be concerned about immigration?

In The Founders’ Plot, the California Governor defies the Supreme Court. Could that happen today?


How would an opposition party respond to a Governor who ignores a Supreme Court ruling that states the Governor’s immigration law was unconstitutional?

Will a blackmail attempt prevent the Governor from implementing his plan?

Could the Governor’s action lead to his recall?

How will sanctuary city mayors react to the Governor’s immigration law and his defiance of the Supreme Court ruling?

What happens when family members disagree with what the Governor is proposing?

There is an assassination attempt on DiGrasso. Will he survive? 

Could and would other states pass similar laws to what DiGrasso did?

The Speaker of the House has a dilemma ... what is it?

Is there a possibility that bribes are being offered ... and why if there are?

One of your main characters dies. Why did you decide to kill him?

Did you identify with any of the characters? Which one(s)?

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