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Biden’s Foreign and Domestic Policies are a Disaster and He Lies A Lot

“Don’t.” That was what Joe Biden said when asked if Iran might attack Israel. What a diplomatic coup! But it obviously didn’t deter Iran, which launched 300 drones and missiles at Israel. Fortunately, 99% were shot down and there was little damage in Israel, and no one was killed.

“Don’t,” was supposed to put fear in the hearts of the Ayatollahs.  But who fears Joe Biden? It reminds me of Barack Obama saying that if Syrian president Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons on the people rebelling against him he would be crossing a “red line” and that there would be “serious consequences.” Assad did use those chemical weapons and Obama did nothing—NOTHING. A huge humiliation for this country.

Obama was a weak president. But he wasn’t stupid. Biden is. And he is weak, feckless, and mentally and physically unfit to be commander-in-chief. He mumbles, trips and falls, commits gaffe after gaffe. His foreign and domestic policies have done what might be irreparable harm to the United States. Our enemies no longer fear us, and our allies don’t trust him.

He panders to Muslims, including telling Israel to accept a cease fire in Gaza as well as not to retaliate on the Iranian attack. Why? Because he needs the Muslim vote in Michigan and Minnesota. He panders to young people with his loan forgiveness plan. He panders to environmentalists with his push for the “Green New Deal.”

And he lies. You could say all politicians do. But his lies go on and on. Here are a few.•

  • He said in 2008, a helicopter he was riding in was “forced down” near Osama bin Laden’s lair in Afghanistan. Actually, it was just waiting out a sandstorm, wrote former Washington Examiner reporter Alana Goodman, now with the Washington Free Beacon.

  • He has falsely claimed to be a coal miner and from a family of coal miners.

  • In 2007, he said he was “shot at” while in Iraq. The truth is that he was in the green zone when a mortar landed several hundred yards awards.

  • Biden said in 1993 that he called Slobodan Milosevic a “damn war criminal” to his face during the siege of Sarajevo. Three out of four aides in the meeting wouldn’t corroborate.

  • Biden has said he was a civil rights leader, participating in sit-ins. Never happened.

  • Biden said he criticized former President George W. Bush in several long meetings. A Bush aide said he couldn’t remember Biden in any meetings and added that the former president “would never sit through two hours of Joe Biden.”

  • The president recently retold how his Delaware house caught fire, almost killing his wife, dog, and cat and melting his Corvette. Fox and the Associated Press reported that it was just a small kitchen fire.

  • And then there is his million miles rode story told to Amtrak conductor Angelo Negri. Biden claims that Negri congratulated him during a train trip to visit his dying mother. CNN tore that story apart, writing, “Biden’s story is false in two ways. First, he could not possibly have had this exchange with Negri: He did not reach the million-miles-flown mark as vice president until September 2015, according to his own past comments, but Negri had died more than a year earlier, in May 2014. Second, Biden’s mother was not dying at the time he reached the million-miles-rode mark. In fact, she had died more than five years prior.”

  • He claimed he’d earned three degrees in law school and graduated at the top of his class. He earned only one degree and was at the bottom of his class.

  • He said his son Beau was killed in Iraq. In fact, he died from brain cancer.

Biden is also a plagiarist. More on that in another blog.

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Frank Victoria is an award-winning author and screenwriter. He’s been an Amazon bestseller with his recent book,The Founders’ Plot, a political thriller for our times. He donates proceeds of his books to Tunnels to Towers and Fisher House, helping military veterans and first responders. His novella,The Ultimate Bet is available on his website and Amazon. Check out his new website:Frank M. Victoria

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