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Famed Harvard Law Professor Calls for Iranian Regime Change

"This is an opportunity,”  said noted Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz.

The failed attack by Iran on Israel provides a complete legal and moral justification for regime change and, unless regime change occurs, there will be no peace in the Middle East. If regime change were to occur, that would mean the end of Hamas, the end of Hezbollah and the end of Houthis, he said. "The road to peace is the regime change. Without that there will be no peace in the Middle East.

He blamed the progressive wing in the Democratic party and the "so-called peace activists," whom he said were exposed when they cheered for Iran as it launched its attack on Israel.

Dershowitz thinks the U.S. is not doing enough to support Israel. In an interview with Ynet studio, Dershowitz said the Americans did a good job while Israel was under attack from Iran but must do more to bring about regime change in Tehran.

What is ultimately needed is the United States support for some kind of regime change, for the destruction of the Iranian nuclear arsenal. Just imagine what would have happened if Iran were backed by a nuclear arsenal? And it’s going to happen. It may not happen this week or this month, but it will happen.

Iran had declared war on Israel officially. Israel is entitled to respond disproportionately in any possible way; it's entitled to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities; it's entitled to bring about regime change.

Israel is also free to act because, in the early 1990s, Iran attacked its embassy, not some consulate building, not some building with military people but the actual embassy building in Buenos Aires, killing some 23 people, so Iran cannot say that Israel acted improperly by attacking the building that was being used to house the generals from Iran.

Dershowitz also said that Joe Biden is wrong to stop Israel from retaliating, although the law professor is not convinced Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was wrong to heed the president's warnings.

"Ultimately the world will recognize that it was a disastrous failure to allow the Iranian regime to continue," Dershowitz adds. He likened it to the failure of Britain and France to act against the Nazi regime in the 1930's ahead of WWII.

What say you?


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