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More Details of How Biden’s Policies Allowed Iran’s Attack

On his podcast “The Verdict,” Sen Ted Cruz called out President Joe Biden’s role in the Iranian attack on Israel. He told his co-host Ben Ferguson,

Unfortunately, this [attack] was predictable, especially since the United States of America had taken its hand off of Israel, with the Biden administration leading the way on that.

Cruz continued,

Extraordinary escalation of what has been going on. This tragically is the result of the Biden Foreign Policy of Appeasement and the entire Democrat Party backing away from Israel and sending billions of dollars to Iran. In a very real sense, the missiles that were Iran fired at Israel, were paid for by the Biden administration. 

Ferguson noted that the Biden administration is not enforcing the economic sanctions against Iran, as well as how direct access to cash has also been allowed. "How much money do they have now because of Biden's policies?" he asked Cruz and their listeners.

It is well over $100 billion. From the beginning, the Biden administration has simultaneously flooded our enemies with cash. Their approach to every enemy of America, from day one, has been appeasement, and usually in the form of billions of dollars. And simultaneously, they have undermined our friends and allies, and especially Israel, again from day one.

He added that there's $16 billion "in direct funds," which includes the $6 billion as ransom for five Americans, announced on the anniversary of September 11. A few months later, the Biden administration unfroze $10 billion by extending a waiver sanction for funds frozen in Iran. 

Cruz also referred to Biden’s "refusing to enforce oil sanctions," which are "the biggest component," and noted that they've "caused Iranian oil exports to skyrocket" in "an excess of $80 billion." He added,

You have to understand that the Biden administration has lifted sanctions on Iran's proxies on the Houthis in Yemen, who were funded by Iran. ..If you look at Gaza, and Hamas, the one that carried out the October 7 terror attack...over 90 percent of [Hamas'] funding comes from Iran."

As Cruz reminded, Biden had been preoccupied about Gaza for some time.      


Biden sent hundreds of millions of dollars into Gaza that went directly into the hands of Hamas, that, in all likelihood was used to finance some or all of the October 7 terror attack. The same thing is true with flooding money into Lebanon, much of which ends up in the hands of Hezbollah...over 90 percent of its budget comes from Iran.

On top of that, even more amazingly, the Biden administration allowed the UN sanctions, the international sanctions on missiles in Iran to expire. They did this in the midst of Iran funding Hamas, funding Hezbollah, funding October 7, and launching over 100 attacks on US servicemen and women. 

When it comes to the Iran deal, Cruz pointed out that we don't know if Iran has a nuclear weapon, though he believes, "They are very, very close because Joe Biden has flooded so much cash into them, to put them in a position to have this kind of money."

He then  pointed out that President Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, which was absolutely the right thing to do. At the time, Iran was exporting roughly a million barrels of oil a day.

Joe Biden came into office and almost immediately, he stopped enforcing those oil sanctions. And again, almost immediately, as a direct result, Iran's oil sanctions skyrocketed.

The senator also revealed that at the time of October 7, Iran's oil production was at two million barrels a day—more than double what it had been before the oil waivers were ended, nearly eight times, seven times, what they were when Biden came into office. In April 2024, they're now at 3.4 million barrels a day. 

Since embargoes are not being enforced, Iran is easily earning an excess of $100 billion because of the non-enforcement, according to Cruz. Even with how Cruz believes they're selling oil to the Chinese at a discount. His closing comments to the podcast was, “This is easily $100 billion that Joe Biden just handed to the Ayatollah." 

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