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Should the Electoral College Be Abolished?

With the presidential election this fall,  you’ll be hearing the drumming to abolish the Electoral College and elect the president by the popular vote.

That’s a bad idea based on my six decades of voting.

America is a democratic republic, not a pure democracy. The Founders carefully studied history and knew that pure democracies don’t work. They can lead to the “tyranny of the majority.” They eventually implode.

That’s why the Founders decided on the Electoral College, which is made up of 538 electors and a presidential candidate needs 270 elector votes to win. To do this, a candidate must get the votes of different types of the population from various parts of the country. That population consists of different races, cultures, and gender. Winning just one section of the country that is exclusively dominated by one race, culture, or gender won’t get 270 electoral votes.

But all this is purely academic. The Electoral College will not be ended! The number of electors a state has is based on its population, so small states or those with small populations wouldn’t allow it. If we elected a president by popular vote, a candidate might concentrate all of his efforts in the biggest cities or the biggest states and virtually ignore states and cities with smaller populations.

Not a good idea.

Once again, the brilliance of the Founders.

What say you?


Frank Victoria is an award-winning author and screenwriter. He’s been an Amazon bestseller with his recent book,The Founders’ Plot, a political thriller for our times. He donates proceeds of his books to Tunnels to Towers and Fisher House, helping military veterans and first responders. His novella,The Ultimate Bet is available on his website and Amazon. Check out his new website:Frank M. Victoria

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